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Coffee and Passport at the Ready!

“Some people might raise an eyebrow at setting this up during the lockdown,” Gleeson acknowledges, “but it has been in our heads for a while. Ben raised the idea a while back when we were housemates. It was all a bit off the wall but we’d find ourselves chatting about the what-ifs. At the time he had a full-time job and I was heading for the States so the timing was off. Circumstances have changed for both of us recently.

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Meet Badger and Dodo

Let us introduce you to our fantastic roasters and the great work they do to provide great coffee to your door! Meet Australian Brock Lewin, founder of Badger and Dodo boutique coffee roasters in Fermoy, Co. Cork!           Broc’ being Irish for Badger, first pulled a shot of coffee in 1993 whilst at Uni’ in Sydney but really came to terms with speciality coffee whilst living in Melbourne from 2005-08. From there, he relocated with his wife to Fermoy, Co Cork and established Badger & Dodo on his in laws’ farm in July 2008. Dodo is the father-in-law’s childhood nickname. He’s a cross between a retired chicken farmer, Teagasc scientist / inventor come MacGyver! The staff at Badger...

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