Meet Badger and Dodo

Let us introduce you to our fantastic roasters and the great work they do to provide great coffee to your door!

Meet Australian Brock Lewin, founder of Badger and Dodo boutique coffee roasters in Fermoy, Co. Cork!


 Broc’ being Irish for Badger, first pulled a shot of coffee in 1993 whilst at Uni’ in Sydney but really came to terms with speciality coffee whilst living in Melbourne from 2005-08. From there, he relocated with his wife to Fermoy, Co Cork and established Badger & Dodo on his in laws’ farm in July 2008.

Dodo is the father-in-law’s childhood nickname. He’s a cross between a retired chicken farmer, Teagasc scientist / inventor come MacGyver!

The staff at Badger and Dodo are what makes it so successful. Within this set is a very tight knit group of dedicated staff. Elia was an all-Ireland Costa coffee barista champion, barista trainer and branch quality control manager prior to joining the team in 2013 – after which he learned the art of roasting from Brock. He completed the SCAE Diploma and the prestigious Coffee Quality Institutes’ Q grader programme – confirming his expertise in sensory accuracy. Jay is their roastery manager who oversees everything after that from blending through to dispatch.

Dr O is Badger and Dodo’s customised, cast iron, 30Kg roaster. Roasting via a fluid bed of hot air gives a more even roast which is smoother & richer in flavour. All  coffees undergo scrutiny, which includes:

  1. Rigorous blind cupping of samples
  2. Moisture readings on arrival and before roasting
  3. Humidity monitored and controlled warehousing

Roast profile refinement – this last stage involves cupping and refining roast profiles continually until they have it 100% right.

This process of refinement would not be possible without their modulating coffee roaster, the only one of its kind in Ireland. Basically, this means that the roaster has 100% consistency and produces great tasting coffee every time.

In 2018 the team went to Brazil and Colombia to meet farmers and began shipping coffee straight into port of Cork – no longer via England or further afield.  This means more for the farmer, more for the Irish economy, less travel pollution to the environment and fresher coffee!

As well as their Fermoy base, Badger and Dodo have a roastery outlet on Barrack St in Cork City, a cafe in Galway. They also stock a vast number of cafes across the country.