Be Ready Training Podcast

We're delighted to announce that The Coffee Exchange is now a podcast sponsor of the Be Ready Training Podcast which is hosted by Billy O'Regan. Over the weekend, Ben and Ciaran had the pleasure of chatting with Billy about all things The Coffee Exchange as well as their rugby careers (well mainly Ciaran as Ben is distinctly average)!

The Podcast is available on both apple podcasts and Spotify as of Monday @ 11 am. If you have some time we'd greatly appreciate giving the podcast a listen and hear our story behind The Coffee Exchange.

The Be Ready Training podcast is built upon finding out what drives performance. There is a strong focus on the overall process behind the journey athletes, artists and everyday people in business take to achieve in their area of expertise. The podcast explores what drives top performers and what keeps them focused throughout their careers.

Apart from our episode on the podcast, Billy has had many great guests involved in the show with some incredible stories including current Munster player Conor Murray! Please head over to the Be Ready Training podcast Instagram to be sure not to miss out! 

Where to find the podcast:
Spotify -
Instagram - @Be_Ready_Training / @BillyORPT