Why is grind size so important?


So you managed to buy your coffee beans from The Coffee Exchange and now its time to brew! The art of extracting coffee is a fine art. Essentially it’ll be grind size that determines how the speed of the coffee extraction, if you have a really course grind the coffee will extract much slower than a finer grind size as there is less surface area exposed.

If you think espresso and how quick an espresso who takes to extract it’s usually anywhere from 25 to 30 seconds contrast that to a pour over coffee such as a V60 drip where the extraction can take several minutes (will get exact)

Having the correct grind size allows you to brew your coffee consistently. If you under extract your coffee it will tend taste too sour. If you are over extracting you coffee it will taste too bitter. This is due to the different stages of the extraction process as the coffee compounds are drawn out over different time periods.

Fruity and acidic notes are extracted first followed by sweetness and balance which is concluded with the extraction of bitterness. A great cuppa needs to strike the balance with these compounds and this is upto your personal preference. You can see that if you under extract your coffee you will end up with a sour taste as you haven’t allowed the sweetness and bitterness to counteract the acidity in the coffee and vice verse if you over extract the coffee your levels of bitterness will overpower the acidity that has been drawn from the coffee

So why does coffee grind size matter? The grind size is key for extraction and extraction times! We give you guys the basic knowledge to understand the process and you should play around to match what flavours you like