Roasted Brown - Brazil - Familia Garcia

Roasted Brown - Brazil - Familia Garcia

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Roasted Brown's Brazilian Familia Garcia: 

  • Notes - Tropical Fruits, Orange, Vanilla + Nutty Sweetness
  • Producers - Garcia Family
  • Process - Natural
  • M.A.S.L (Meters Above Sea Level) - 1000 meters
  • This coffee has been roasted for espresso by Roasted Brown for an Espresso machine & Moka pot, with the aim of giving you the most sweet and balanced flavour profile in your cup and will also translate beautifully through milk. 

This is a beautifully balanced natural processed coffee from Roasted Brown with delicious notes of tropical fruits and vanilla with a nutty sweetness! 

For grind size info please see our FAQ page! 

We love it here at The Coffee Exchange and we hope you do too!