SOMA - Brazil - Fazenda Santiago

SOMA - Brazil - Fazenda Santiago

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SOMA's Brazilian Fazenda Santiago Coffee: 

  • Notes - Milk Chocolate, Peach, Creamy
  • Region - Brazil, Cerrado
  • Producer - Elmino Nascimento
  • Process - Pulped Natural
  • Varietals - Yellow Catuai
  • M.A.S.L (Meters Above Sea Level) - 1150 meters
  • Cupping score - 85.5

With a creamy and rich body and that classic milk chocolate flavour profiles SOMA's Brazil Fazenda Santiago is a quintessential Brazilian coffee that is certain to be loved by all! With a creamy body and chocolate forward flavour profile, this coffee will deliver incredible milk based espresso drinks. However, if you prefer something a little more complex and different, try it in a lighter style pour-over or straight espresso and let the milk chocolate take a back seat as the peach acidity comes forward and dances on your pallet. This versatility makes this Brazilian coffee easy to drink, and it is no doubt a coffee bean to please all pallets.

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