Meet the Roasters - Calendar Coffee

Let us introduce you to our fantastic roasters and the great work they do to provide great coffee to your door!

Meet Daniel Boobier and his partner Zarah Lawless, founders of Calendar Coffee Roasters in Barna, Co. Galway!

Dan and Zarah met in 2015 working at Workshop Coffee in London, where they quickly learned the best tasting coffees were often the most recently harvested. For something that has such a big impact on quality, they were surprised this information is rarely shared with, or acknowledged by the customer. Coffee is best treated like any other fresh produce, and they saw an opportunity to improve quality through the way we source and the producers we work with. 

Over the next 2 years, the idea for Calendar started to form and in November 2017, the couple relocated to Zarah's hometown of Galway to make their dream a reality. The name Calendar Coffee is testimony to that approach, highlighting the annual harvest and shipping times for coffees from different parts of the world.
Following the harvest calendar, the coffees and origins that Calendar work with are always changing, depending on which countries are harvesting and the coffees that taste best. By sourcing in small amounts from quality focussed producers, they are able to build a diverse range that is sweet and exciting all year round.. which they’re really proud of! 

Great coffee doesn’t need to be complicated, it starts with the quality and freshness of the raw product, and it’s their goal to make this something everyone can enjoy! 
Amen to that!