Meet the Roasters - Carrow Coffee Roasters

Let us introduce you to our fantastic roasters and the great work they do to provide great coffee to your door!

Meet Paola and Andrew, coffee enthusiasts and founders of this small roasting business, located on Carrowgarry farm beside the Atlantic Ocean in County Sligo, Ireland.

Their aim is to source top quality beans and roast them to the highest standards, favouring light to medium roasts that allow a bean’s intrinsic flavour to shine through.

Their passion for coffee grew in Colombia where they lived for four years, travelling extensively throughout the countryside to visit farms and learn about coffee production and the different processing methods.

It was a fascinating world to discover, especially as their time there coincided with a boom in specialty coffee production, as farmers put greater emphasis on flavour and not just volume. Keen to stay in the world of coffee, they hatched the idea of setting up our own roasting business when they returned to Ireland. And here they are!

Andrew’s background is journalism with over a decade’s experience working throughout Europe, South America and Africa, including four years covering coffee for Bloomberg News in Colombia.

While there, he developed numerous contacts with coffee growers, exporters and industry experts and started roasting coffee on his Huky 500 in the attic of their apartment in Bogota. He is now a certified Q Grader (coffee cupper) and has taken courses in Roasting and Barista Skills from the Specialty Coffee Association.

Paola is an accomplished project and communications manager in the development cooperation sector. Coffee is in her roots being born in Trieste, one of Italy’s main roasting hubs and a city where coffee aromas waft through the streets.

Carrow Roasters constantly strive to source the best sustainably-grown beans from small-scale farmers, and then use their roasting expertise to maximize their flavour in the cup.  They are committed to reducing their environmental impact through the adoption of sustainable practices that will reduce their carbon footprint.  The design for their roastery was inspired by the intensity of light, colours and elements typical of the west coast: the heather-covered mountains, vivid greens, slate-grey skies, the howling wind and rain and awe-inspiring rainbows.

When refurbishing the building they chose renewable, durable and natural materials such as wood sourced from Irish forests. As they don’t use chemical-containing soaps, all water from the sink is returned to fields on the farm. Chaff from the roaster and coffee grinds are used as compost for their farm’s vegetable garden.