How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping costs €4.95 for all orders under €40. Free shipping is available on all orders over €40.

Do I need a coffee grinder?

No, but we recommend you get your hands on one!

Coffee tastes much better when you grind it just before you brew. When coffee is pre-ground it can lose it's flavour but if you grind it just before brewing with a grinder you can maximise the coffee experience! Not to mention the smell it will release! 

If you don't want to buy a grinder, we stock pre-ground coffee. Look below to find out which grind size is for you. 

What grind size should I look for?  

It really depends on what coffee you are looking to brew! We recommend the following grind sizes for each brewing method: 

Grind Size Brew Method
 Medium French Press, Pour Over
Medium-Fine Aeropress, Moka Pot
Fine Espresso

How long will my coffee last? 

Coffee generally has a 4 month life-cycle once it has been roasted. After the beans are ground, we recommend using them within 3 to 4 weeks of purchase so they retain as much of the flavour as possible. 

What brewing method should I use?

One of the great things about coffee is that it can be extracted and brewed in so many different ways to bring out different flavours.

For beginners, we recommend the aeropress method because it is quick, simple and very handy if you only want to make 1 cup of coffee. The aeropress is also ideal for making 2 cups of coffee. 

French press, V60 and Moka pot methods are also very easy to use pieces of equipment. They are ideal for making 1-6 cups of coffee. They are a little bit more time consuming to extract the coffee - usually taking about 5 minutes from start to finish. 

Another option for those who like milky coffee such as flat whites, cortados or cappucinos is using an espresso shot from either your espresso machine or nespresso machine, along with a milk frother. We stock the Bodum Latteo milk frother which is an excellent option! Another easy trick is to heat your milk, pour it into an empty french press and plunge the milk quickly a couple of times, it can give pretty nice results if you don't have any other means to froth your milk at home! 

Last but by no means least, we now stock the top of the range Sage Home Barista coffee machines! Although they may cost a pretty penny (starting at €295), they are worth every cent and will definitely save you time and money in the long run. They are so easy to use once you read the instructions and make cafè standard brews, trust us!

Why is it called Speciality Coffee?

Consumers in the US believe that 48% of their coffee is specialty, according to the National Coffee Association of America. But is that true? What actually is specialty coffee?

All coffee beans can be graded out of 100. This grading process is called “cupping”. And according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), specialty coffee is Arabica coffee with a cup score of 80+ points. All of our roasters serve speciality coffee!