Meet the Roasters - Bean in Dingle

Dingle, Ireland is without a doubt one of Ireland's most beautiful towns, nestled in the stunning Dingle peninsula in the kingdom of Kerry.

Today, the small town on Ireland’s westernmost peninsula is carving out a name for itself as a food destination. In Dingle, farm-to-table is a way of life rather than a pricey trend, and annual food festivals have helped to showcase the growing culinary scene by drawing large and hungry crowds.

What Dingle was missing, Justin Burgess realized in 2015, was coffee.

Burgess, who has lived in Dingle since the age of 10, fell for good coffee after running the machine at Murphy's, the town’s most famous ice cream shop. He went to Dublin to train with 3FE, and spent six years perfecting his pull in between scooping cones.

With a population of just 2,000 people, Dingle is small-town Ireland at its best. Numbers swell in the summer, with dolphin seekers and day-trippers passing through Dingle’s two main streets. Murphy’s was committed to good coffee, but would always put ice cream first.

Dingle, and Burgess, were ready for a standalone coffee bar..Or at least a coffee cart!

Burgess’s original plan was to create a seasonal pop-up along the pedestrian-heavy harbor road. However, challenges with licensing the coffee cart crashed plans for a temporary test run of the specialty coffee venture.

With the cart option out, Burgess worked with business partner (and brother) Luke Burgess to find a cozy space in the town center. With sister Georgia Burgess manning the Nuova Simonelli Aurellia T3 espresso machine. For coffee, Burgess tapped Brock Lewin of Badger & Dodo, and his enthusiasm convinced Lewin to create the roasting house’s first ever customized blend.

The roastery has gone from strength to strength to strength since and since bring head roaster Katie Waldron on board, they now roast up to 6 different single origin's and blends at any one time.