Our Story

We are Ireland's premium home brewing coffee marketplace. We believe that making high quality speciality coffee doesn't have to be limited to cafés and baristas. Let us show you how you can make great coffee, from the comfort of your own home!
In just a few clicks, we can deliver exceptional coffee beans and equipment directly to your door in a matter of days! 
We are passionate about supporting artisan Irish roasters who are dedicated to consistently producing exceptional coffee beans. We've scoured the country to handselect the best local roasters and bring their great produce onto our online marketplace.
Transparency and traceability are at the forefront of our ambitions. We only supply beans that have been harvested in an ethical and sustainable manner so that you can enjoy your coffee, with the peace of mind that you are contributing to a better world.

Beyond our story: 


Co-Founder Ben: 

Firstly, Ben's life is not as cool as both Ciaran's and Cronan's. Unfortunately, Ben was not good enough at rugby to make it as a pro and settled to work in the professional services space. He has always had a massive passion for coffee and can remember even making coffee (albeit instant) for co-workers - not in an office slave kind of way - he just enjoyed how the coffee brought people together! After being let go due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has spurred Ben in the direction of following his dreams to make great coffee accessible and easy to brew at home. For now, Ben is leaving the corporate world to dive into the coffee industry. Unless a pro rugby contract comes up, in that case contact thecoffeex.ie@gmail.com with offers x

Co-Founder Ciaran:

Ciaran is a proud west of Ireland native, hailing from Salthill, Co. Galway . He discovered his grá for coffee during his time living in New Zealand...The kiwis love a good flattie! He then moved on to Parma in Italy to play for Zebre Rugby Club. Over there, he fostered his love for Cappucios, Machiatos and Espressos. Ciaran is now back in Ireland after an unfortunate injury cut his sporting career short. Other passions include pizza, live gigs and a crisp Weissbier!

 Co-Founder Cronan:

Cronan found his love for coffee while living in France. Initially, it was purely for energy purposes for those early morning starts but this quickly developed into a passion for top quality coffee! Thanks to rugby, he’s been lucky enough to live in a number of countries and has expanded his coffee palate on his travels! He divides his time between Ireland and the USA where he plays a bit of rugby! Due to the season being called to a halt early in the USA, he came home and took the opportunity to develop his passion for coffee into a business with his two good friends Ben and Gaff!