Meet the Roasters - SOMA Coffee Company

The People's Republic of Cork are proudly represented on our roasters selection by SOMA Coffee Company. These guys are brewing some of the best flatties down south and we're really excited to bring you their exceptional coffee beans! Before getting down to the nuts and bolts, lets just take a moment to appreciate how cool their branding is!


It all started when…

A love of coffee and a desire to bring high grade speciality coffee to Cork was at the forefront of our minds.

Soma was co founded by Irene and Damien Twohig along with Alex Bruce. Why the name Soma? Funny story really! Alex stumbled across a song that he liked called soma and he started investigating what the word's meaning was. Result..? Soma is an intoxicating drink prepared from a plant and used in Vedic ritual, believed to be the drink of the gods. Just like coffee!?

Soma Coffee Company started with a humble coffee machine serving up delectable brews to the ever-growing coffee curious public. With their support,  they went on to expand their operation and purchased a Giesen 6kg small batch coffee roaster. This enabled them to source green coffees from some of the most progressive producers around the globe, roast these to perfection and serve them (in style) to the public of Cork City. And all this happens under one roof at 23 Tuckey St, Cork City, Ireland.


From Africa to South and Central America and everywhere in between; Soma source all their coffee beans from accredited, high grade specialty coffee farms & brokers.