Carrow - Brazil - Serra Do Cigano (250g)

Carrow - Brazil - Serra Do Cigano (250g)

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Carrow's Brazilian Serra Do Cigano Coffee: 

  • Notes - Roasted Hazelnuts, Almonds, Caramel
  • Process - Washed
  • Varietals - Yellow Varietals
  • M.A.S.L (Meters Above Sea Level) - 1200 to 1350 meters
  • This coffee has been roasted for Espresso by Carrow 

João Hamilton and his partners grow top-quality coffee on their 10-hectare Serra do Cigano farm, while at the same time respecting nature. This includes farming without the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides and reforesting areas around springs.

The team have also made greater efforts to harvest only the ripest cherries and improve their drying techniques using raised beds, resulting in a better cup quality. 

We think their hard work is reflected in this full-bodied, rich yet smooth coffee with pronounced notes of roasted hazelnuts, almonds and caramel. Perfect for espresso and milk-based drinks.

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