Full Circle - Ethiopia, Chelbesa

Full Circle - Ethiopia, Chelbesa

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Process: Washed
Varietal: Wolisho and Dega
Producer: Multiple smallholders 

Chelbesa is a new coffee growing area in the West Arsi Zonal Administration which also borders the Bale Mountain on the South.
Coffees in the Chelbesa are cultivated in Roricho, Bulga and Solena. Cultivated at an altitude of 2070 MASL. Each farmer brings their cherries to process at the washing station where they are picked and floated for defects, washed, soaked for 5 hrs, fermented for 72 hours and dried on raised beds for 9-11 days until they reach final moisture of 10.5%.
Previously coffees from West Arsi area were sold as Sidama until this year which gave coffees from West Arsi Zone a highlight of how this coffees are truly unique and worth of differentiation.
Located in Oromia, about 400 Km south of Addis Ababa, the Chelbesa is home to a collection of smallholder farmers totaling 5,000 hectares of coffee.
The average farm size in Chelbesa region is two hectares and producers cultivate a range of heirloom coffee varieties, including wild varietals originating from the neighboring forests.

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